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For over a decade I have helped hundreds of families through tough spots regarding health. Parents have found answers to all sorts of health issues even when they have been told there aren’t any.

There has to be a greater urgency to see that our children are not burdened with drugs and other dangerous and addictive medications that lead to a lifestyle of dependence when there is more that can be done… I can help!

I have studied the human body for years, and I truly believe that at conception we are given an enormous potential for health and happiness in our lives and the lives of those we touch. If this potential is allowed to be expressed in its totality throughout our entire being by way of our nervous system with no interference from injuries that heal wrong…then we are truly healthy. When a family, community, or an entire society does this…then we are making the world a better place to live.

I am so blessed to have my beautiful wife Christina and our three children Michael, Elia, and Andrew.  We love to see how families once burdened by sickness and a low quality of life get healthy and stay healthy under chiroprcactic care.  We thank God every day for the opportunity to serve our community.


Doctor of Chiropractic

Life University – Marietta, GA


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  • I was suffering from vertigo for 6 weeks and was getting frustrated because I was taking different medicines to help with the dizziness and none of them helped.  Later I went to take the test to determine where the dizziness was coming from which was determined to be the middle ear.  The actual test made you dizzier.  I was told by my doctor that they didn’t know how long it would last.  After that I started researching about Vertigo and Chiropractic.  While I was talking with my sister-in-law she recommended I see Dr. Tasco.   When I went to Goodison Family Chiropractic the staff was very friendly and the technology this office has is great.  I’ve been to a number of other Chiropractors but they didn’t offer this type of technology.  Dr. Tasco takes his time with you and explains everything in detail; he wants to make sure you understand your test results and how the treatments will help. After my first adjustment I went home and about 1 ½ hours later I felt the sensation of water draining from my left ear.  I haven’t had my vertigo since that day.  I’m so grateful for this because being dizzy and trying to do day to day activities was very hard.  Feeling like you’re going to fall is not good for anyone.

    Darlene Walsh
    Darlene Walsh
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