Love Has No Color

In our country, there are a forgotten people. They live on their own forgotten land, all by themselves. Their community, however, does not reflect the true pride and passion their ancestors once possessed.

The Native American culture has been grossly misunderstood and misrepresented throughout history and has since been, basically forgotten. Many live on reservations throughout the United States. It sounds nice, and may appear nice, however, if you were to dig deeper, these reservations are filled with sad people who have lost their pride. Their community is filled with poverty, alcoholism and violence. Most Native Americans on these reservations do not live past the age of 40. Unfortunately these amazing people are living in our country’s original ghettoes.

Now people, we must not turn our heads, but instead open our hearts. There is something we can do to help. HEALTHIER PEOPLE make HEALTHIER DECISIONS. They treat each other kinder and view the world with optimism and love. HEALTHIER PEOPLE create a HEALTHEIR COMMUNITY and a HEALTHIER WORLD. How do people become healthier? By expressing their God given potential to the fullest within them given at birth.

Our nerve system is the physical link to the non-physical power and perfection of our creator, who or whatever that is for you doesn’t matter…it is what it is. This magnificently complex system allows that which cannot be seen, touched, or measured like a thought to be manifest into reality. Properly functioning, this link allows a person to act, think and feel empowered and resourceful. Imagine a world where everyone is expressing their FULLEST POTENTIAL. WOULD YOU WANT TO LIVE THERE? I WOULD, YOU BET! How do you increase potential for LIFE expression? By making sure the NERVE SYSTEM is protected and nurtured from birth to death. By REGULAR CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS FOR YOU AND YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY.

WE WANT TO CHANGE THE WORLD. We want to change the NATIVE AMERICAN COMMUNITY and help them put pride back in their people. We are participating in a world project, LOVE HAS NO COLOR, started by a group of passionate Chiropractors to make an impact in the Native American culture. We are going to be sending a Native American from Wolf Point Reservation, in Montana, to Chiropractic School. That person will then return to the reservation and open a Chiropractic office on the reservation. This will bring an opportunity for a health expression and potential for life into this community, while preserving its heritage and culture. Remember HEALTHIER PEOPLE make HEALTHIER DECISIONS and create a HEALTHIER COMMUNITY.

As an office we are participating full force with The New Renaissance, a group of approximately 60 Passionate Visionary Chiropractors that are working to create a better world for tomorrow. This can change the world. We are choosing to begin by changing our community and the Native American Community on the reservation, but the boundaries are limitless.

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