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Chiropractic patients were 3 times more satisfied with their care than patients of family practice physicians
Sixty-five million Americans suffer from chronic lower back pain.
Nearly 30% of the U.S. population aged 18 and older have used chiropractic

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What Our Clients Say..

  • The symptoms of my back problems were lower back and hip pain, numbness in my left leg and foot, and electric shocks in my foot.  The pain was severe enough that I was barely able to walk or stand for more than a few minutes and I was forced to work from home using my laptop PC.  For someone who was very active physically, playing basketball, tennis and working out daily, this was a very humbling experience.  After undergoing daily conventional chiropractic treatments for three weeks and an MRI exam which revealed severe herniation of the lower back disks, Dr. Buller recommended that I consult with Dr. Tasco, before seeing an orthopedic surgeon.  Upon review of my MRI test, Dr. Tasco told me that I was a good candidate for decompression treatment.

    The decompression treatments were fully explained to me and I was always made to feel physically comfortable during them.  I was discouraged initially because the electric shocks became worse especially at night.  Dr. Tasco encouraged me to be patient and to realize that pain relief may not occur until the end of the treatments.  He also adjusted the angle of the decompression and after ten treatments I experienced some improvement.  After about sixteen treatments I was able to resume working at my office.  I have continued to perform the daily stretching exercises Dr. Tasco recommended and these have helped me to resume most of my normal activities.  I would estimate that 90% of the pain and discomfort were relieved and as long as I spend most of each evening sitting in a recliner, I am able to function fairly well.

    Dr. Tasco and his staff never failed to offer encouragement to me and to make sure that I was using proper technique for the pre and post treatment exercises.  They were very personable, caring and seemed genuinely concerned about my well being.  Dr. Tasco was nice enough to lend me his abs exerciser to afford me the opportunity to see if I was able to perform this exercise before purchasing my own.

    I am very grateful to Dr. Tasco and to his staff and I would highly recommend decompression treatments to anyone suffering from similar back problems.  Surgery was my option of last resort and with the success of decompression, I have not had to opt for that.

    Jeff Holmes
  • I was suffering from vertigo for 6 weeks and was getting frustrated because I was taking different medicines to help with the dizziness and none of them helped.  Later I went to take the test to determine where the dizziness was coming from which was determined to be the middle ear.  The actual test made you dizzier.  I was told by my doctor that they didn’t know how long it would last.  After that I started researching about Vertigo and Chiropractic.  While I was talking with my sister-in-law she recommended I see Dr. Tasco.   When I went to Goodison Family Chiropractic the staff was very friendly and the technology this office has is great.  I’ve been to a number of other Chiropractors but they didn’t offer this type of technology.  Dr. Tasco takes his time with you and explains everything in detail; he wants to make sure you understand your test results and how the treatments will help. After my first adjustment I went home and about 1 ½ hours later I felt the sensation of water draining from my left ear.  I haven’t had my vertigo since that day.  I’m so grateful for this because being dizzy and trying to do day to day activities was very hard.  Feeling like you’re going to fall is not good for anyone.

    Darlene Walsh
    Darlene Walsh
  • Last Saturday my eldest granddaughter was married and I had a wonderful time at the reception, dancing for over two hours to all kinds of music…mostly fast! A year ago at this time I had practically stopped my practice of daily walking—much less dancing.  This was because I had continual pain in my knees and lower back, making exercise painful. In October of 2009 I met Dr. Tasco at a health seminar and began seeing him on a regular basis later that month.  He has worked with me since then and the pain in my back and knees is gone…due in large part to his excellent chiropractic care.  I have found him to be extremely conscientious, caring, and willing to take extra time with me whenever I have concerns or questions…Thank you, Dr. Tasco!

    Arlene Heter
    Arlene Heter
  • I had severe leg pain and the only way to stand for any length of time or play golf was to take pain medication. It was also impossible to sleep in any position except on my stomach. I thought this was just part of getting old and I would have to live with the pain and limited activity. After about one month of treatments at Tasco Family Chiropractic,  I was ready to put Dr. Tasco up for sainthood. I could sleep in any position I wanted to and could spend hours at a time on my feet without pain. Thank you so much for giving me back my active life.

    Dennis Hines
    Dennis Hines
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